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Business consulting

With years of experience, our team has the skills and know-how to move your business forward. At TasPlus we combine our knowledge and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and with it, your company. We are proud to be able to help our clients shape and improve the structure and management of their companies.


Formularios de firma


We base our audit planning on understanding the processes and procedures of the companies we audit, based on them we establish our work plan to be able to conclude an opinion on the audited Financial Statements, however we believe that our participation should go further and offer our clients those points of improvement that have arisen from the analysis carried out itself. It is our work methodology to use critical and value judgment, emphasizing those processes that will allow us to value both inherent and control risks that the Financial Statements as a whole may contain.

firma de contrato


Through an excellent service and focused on avoiding contingencies, we focus on planning tax strategies and attention to inspections, as well as strengthening local structures through training in order to achieve predictability in tax issues.

Lista de verificación


Through the analysis of existing processes and procedures, risk areas linked to internal control failures or in some cases the existence of redundant controls can be detected. The design of processes and procedures appropriate to the organization is essential to reduce risk and establish those mitigating controls to verify compliance, however we understand that it is important to go much further by creating an adequate environment and clarifying the levels of authority for the decisions that must be made.

Team Meeting


On many occasions we accompany clients in their growth stages through the support of professionals who support internal structures and add value, traveling the path of development and growth together.

Entrevista de trabajo


To face changes in organizations, it is necessary to have the right people, who show not only technical aptitudes but also those interpersonal skills that allow generating a good work environment, leading teams and obtaining excellent results.  Our interdisciplinary team made up of technicians and specialists in the area of human resources can provide you with a solution and accompany you to find those people who make a difference in your organization.

Business Meeting


On a daily basis, businessmen must make different decisions, the launch of a new product, feasibility analysis of the opening of a plant, review of the appropriate structure, reviews of tax concepts and their risks, verification of contracts, etc. Our specialized team will be able to guide you to the right decision by following a critical path that will allow you to evaluate different alternatives when deciding.

apretón de manos


Entrepreneurs often decide to spin off businesses, acquire new units or buy a brand: our goal is to help them follow this path by guiding them in the analysis and evaluating different alternatives that allow them to achieve the objective with the least possible risk.

reunión de negocios


The excess and lack of information can affect our business, which is like driving blindly moving only by intuition. However, in the business world it is essential to make rational decisions to form a good diagnosis that allows us to choose the appropriate alternative. To this end and based on previous experiences, we have developed tools that have allowed us to have a dashboard aligned with the vision, mission and values of our clients.



We offer legal services that allow our clients to have comprehensive and strategic advice in the businesses that participate or in eventualities that may arise with their dependents in the development of daily life. We provide the most accurate legal recommendations to each of our clients, assisting them and providing advice on labor, corporate and commercial law.

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